There are 3 documents that govern the running of Peninsula Lacrosse Association:

  • Constitution
  • Operating Policy
  • Bylaws

Any changes to the above are discussed in monthly executive meetings attended by a quorum of executives, and, if required, proposed and voted upon at the annual general meeting. Special meetings can also be scheduled if association business can not wait until, or dedicated time is needed outside, the regular monthly executive meetings.

The Annual General Meeting (AGM)is held in early November each year, with all membership invited. The proposed agenda and previous year minutes are circulated at least 30 days before hand. It is at the AGM that new Executives get proposed and voted in. Changes as agreed in the BCLA AGM are typically cascaded into our association running.

New and existing members of the Executive follow the following:

  • Job Descriptions

On an annual basis the BC Society Annual report is filed, with a statement of Directors and Registered Office, with the BC Society in accordance with the Societies Act (Aug / Sept). The association is also renewed annually with BCLA (early November) with the Executive also included within the annual BCLA Volunteer Directory.


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