Why Play Lacrosse?

You will find many players and parents are crazy about the sport and heres why...

Playing lacrosse will challenge your mind, body and spirit. It is a great way to build self esteem, make new friends and be apart of a team.  You will learn new skills and stay physically active. Not only is it fun to play, it's incredibly intense to watch!

Players overcome obstacles and learn to play together towards a common goal, and also is a great way for them to build life long friendships.

When it comes to lacrosse, fitness is important. The sport is incredibly busy and requires stamina and speed - even goalies stay busy!

While Lacrosse is a great way to build coordination and strength it also builds cardiovascular health. It is important to note your health and nutrition while playing.

Here are just a few links to keep in mind when it comes to player health.

Gear & Equipment:

This can be daunting if you're new to the sport. It is incredibly important that we make sure players are wearing the appropriate gear, not only to follow BCLA regulations but for player safety.

U7/MiniTyke - helmet, shoulder (lacrosse or hockey), elbow & knee pads, gloves, jock/jill, and mouth guard.

U9/Novice to U17 - helmet, shoulder, elbow, & kidney pads, gloves, jock/jill, and mouth guard.


** Please note it is important to wear appropriate footwear. These should be good for indoor and outdoor floors. Most importantly, do not forget your stick!